Evaluating a field service problem can be challenging but with FLEETGRID the equation becomes simple. First, we've taken a devide and concor approach by splitting our user base into 3 different senarios (outlined below: for companies, for pros, for homes) and providing a downloadable on-premise app for each group. Second, we provide an off-site cloud based application that is available for everyone to take advantage of ( Lastly, we tie all of this together by syncing data between applications, the cloud, and other third party services in a seamless way.
There a couple key differences between our on-premise downloadable apps and our internet based cloud app. Our downloadable apps function offline first so that means you can get the job done off-grid. The data on them is stored encrypted so not even we can see your data. They are also real-time and peer-to-peer so there is no central authority to get in your way. Our cloud based application, while it does require an internet connection, takes advantage of big data, machine learning, and other areas where a mobile phone or other device can't handle by itself.


As an admin, office staff, or employee, orchestrate service pros in the field and showcase professionalism to the end consumer.


As a service professional in the field, with the tools at hand drive repeat business and referrals by getting the job done.


As a home owner requiring field service, communicate with the back office and check service professional's progress in the field.

FLEETGRID Field Service Application

Access from any platform browser, Android, or Apple! Works offline first so you can get the job done off grid and say goodbye to network outages. Data is secured behind a username/password so if you lose your device it is recoverable. Information is real time and syncs between your devices and other users in a peer-to-peer fassion so that means everyone stays on the same page without the need to refresh. Download our apps today and see how we're taking the field service industry by storm.

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